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Silicone Sponge Stripe

  • Silicone foam square strip self-adhesive
  • Silicone foam square strip self-adhesive
  • Silicone foam square strip self-adhesive
Silicone foam square strip self-adhesiveSilicone foam square strip self-adhesiveSilicone foam square strip self-adhesive

Silicone foam square strip self-adhesive

  • Size: thickness 2~10mm, width 10~70mm
  • Silicone foam square strip self-adhesive
  • 3M adhesive
  • Product description: Silicone foam square strip self-adhesive, 3M adhesive, Silicone foam strip

SYNCH manufactures Silicone foam square strip with a wide verity of extruded high-quality standard and all customized size silicone sponge tube. We can manufacture Silicone Sponge tube to specific size for customer needs, our product is manufacturing under the strict supervision of our quality production team to make sure the extruded products meet customers' specific requirements.

Note: This product comes with 3M adhesive, which is very convenient to use. The temperature resistance is -20~110 degrees.

Silicone foam square strip has universal application across a wide range of industries and markets. Sponge tube/cord has fantastic compression set values. They are particularly suited to use in high temperature seals and gaskets, where a soft, easily deformed rubber is required.

Silicone foam square strip
100% Eco-friendly silicone foam
Shore Hardness
10~30 degrees
Black, blue, grey, green, any color, etc.
Tensile Strength
Temperature Resistance
-60°C to 200°C
Eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe, high temperature resistant, non-sticky, anti-aging, excellent insulating property, etc.
Processing method
High temperature curing and foaming
Delivery time
10-20 days if there is no stock
PVC wrap or customized (cut in length at 3mm min. or roll at 50m or 100m)
Electrical Enclosure Seals
Outdoor Lighting Gaskets
HVAC Seals
Door Seals
Outdoor Digital Signage


• Excellent UV and Ozone resistance
• Closed Cell
• Odorless & Test-less
• Superiors/High Tear Strength
• High & Low Temperature Rating

Our Advantages:

• Wide variety of size, shapes and hardness.
• Quality that stands out.
• Competitive factory price.
• Friendly customer support.
• Promise of on time delivery.
• For your silicone sponge tubing requirements, contact us now!