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Grafting clips/Sleeves

  • Silicone grafting clips
  • Silicone grafting clips
  • Silicone grafting clips
  • Silicone grafting clips
Silicone grafting clipsSilicone grafting clipsSilicone grafting clipsSilicone grafting clips

Silicone grafting clips

  • size:1.2~3.0 dia
  • Product description: silicone grafting clips
SYNCH manufactures high quality silicone grafting clip which is resistant to high and low temperature, ozone & UV radiation. Our clips performs extremely fruit and vegetable cultivation. We offer wide range of hardness, elasticity, colors, temperature resistance, and well as of particular properties to meet applications requirements.

Silicone Grafting Clips
100% Import Silicone Raw Material
Shore Durometer A
70 shore A
Diameter Size Rank
1.2mm ~ 3mm
Translucent, customized colors
Tolerance of size
Temperature Resistance
Appearance of the Clip
Thickness of the clip is even ,smooth surface, no cracks,
no air bubble, no impurity, odorless and non-toxic.
Processing method
Platinum-cured extrusion
Delivery time
7-10 days
Packing in roll or pre-cut in pieces
Fruit and vegetable cultivation


• Resistance to UV and Ozone
• Harmless toxic and physiological effect to humans
• Odorless & Test-less
• Superiors/High Tear Strength
• High & Low Temperature Rating

Our Advantages

• Wide variety of sizes.
• Quality that stands out.
• Competitive factory price.
• Friendly customer support.
• Promise of on time delivery.
• For any product inquiries, contact us now!