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Q: Do you have your own factory?

A: Yes, we have our own factory established more than 10 years.

Q: Silicone seems to be more expensive than other rubber, why is this?

A: Silicone is more expensive than most rubber types because it is a speciality high performance polymer with outstanding qualities. It is made in relatively low quantities and requires expensive and complicated primary manufacturing facilities.

Q: What is the difference between 'curing' and 'vulcanization'?

A: The terms curing and vulcanization essentially describe the same thing - the transformation of the polymer into a cross-linked rubber.

Q: Why is silicone used in food applications?

A: Silicone rubber is among a number of rubber types that can be used in contact with food. It has the advantage of being a low taint non-toxic material.

Q: In what colours is silicone tubing available?

A: Silicone tubing can be supplied in a very wide range of colours, including fluorescents, metallics, and even those that change colour with heat!

Q: When can you launch delivery after I placed order?

A: If there is stock, 3-7 days; if not, 15-35 days depends on the quantity

Q: Do you provide sample? Is it for free or not?

A: Yes, if we have it in stock we can offer the sample for free, while you need to pay for the freight cost to your country.

Q: Do you accept Paypal?

A: We can accept Paypal when the amount less than USD500.

Q: What is the warranty on bakeware/kitchenware products?

A: We stands behind our products. We will replace any bakeware/kitchenware item that has a defect. Standard wear and tear or abuse are not covered. Please contact us at sales@synch-silicone.com for further details.




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