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Shenzhen Synch Silicone Products Co., Ltd has been focusing on supplying our customers with high quality silicone products with outstanding mechanical and physical properties and to provide resistance to ageing and humidity, to operate in extreme high temperatures or extreme low temperatures, widely applied in these industries like:



Food processing equipment

Medical Equipment tubing

Water purification tubing

Dairy fluid handling tubing

Peristaltic tubing

Automotive electrical enclosure seal

Electrical connector

High voltage insulation

Aerospace industry

Fiber-optic cable

Architectural and window seal

Glass Industries

Pharmaceutical Industries

Why Choose Synch Silicone?

Experienced team

12+ years of experiences in manufacturing silicone rubber goods, we can provide you 100% quality product supply.

Customized assistance

We actively work with you to building a customer focused relationship.

Direct factory

We are direct factory, which means customers benefit from short lead times and competitive pricing. 




Contact: Mrs.Wang

Phone: +86 186 6621 9551 (whatsapp)

Tel: 0086-769- 82319629

Email: sales@synch-silicone.com

Add: Floor 3&4, No.33, Datang Rd., Xinjiuwei Industrial Zone, Liaobu, Dongguan city, Guangdong, China.

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